Dr. Kiah E. Nyame

Dr. Kiah E. Nyame 

Dr. Kiah E. Nyame serves as Founding Executive Director of Ujima Rochester/Ujima Atlanta, Inc. from January 2002- present. Ujima is a pro-social development agency serving severely-at-risk youth and their families. Dr. Nyame serves as a Social-Justice and Program Evaluation Consultant, as well as a Cultural & Social Trauma Educator. He co-founded in 1997, Umoja n Recovery a chemical dependency recovery group dealing with issues that are specific to African Americans. He has served as a founding member of the Rochester Fatherhood Resource Initiative Inc.  He has served as an Effective Black Parenting and family Consultant and Young Men’s and Young Women’s Rites of Passage curriculum developer and trainer. Dr. Kiah E. Nyame has over twenty years experience in the education, juvenile justice, and youth behavioral fields. His expertise is in youth cultural trauma and youth intervention/prevention.  He is a certified program evaluator, certified street outreach gang specialist, family development specialist, certified aggression replacement trainer, and human resource manager. Dr. Nyame focus is the betterment and well-being and healing of the human existence.

Dr. Nyame has researched and presented workshops/trainings on youth social development, family, community and school collaborations, and gangs and violence as a result of social-trauma. Some of his work includes; Invited Presenter: Healing the Trauma; Empowering Our Youth. TAV Annual Gathering, St. Louis, MO. September 24, 2015. Invited to give a guest lecture at Nazareth College, Institute for Pluralism Rochester, N. Y. Lecture: Are we post-racial America? October 16, 2014. Cultural Specific Models of Service and Delivery at the City of Rochester Training Conference, Rochester, NY. July 22-24, 2014. Invited International Guest Panelist: Université Cheikh Anta Diop (FASTEF) Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Panel on the tribute to Abdoulaye Ly (1919-2013) historian and home policy in the service of Africa. Saturday, May 31, 2014. Graduate Student Commencement Speaker for St. John Fisher College. Dr. Kiah Nyame is the creator of "A Time for Healing, Educating & Rebuilding; Exploring the socio-cultural trauma and stigma of the urban community", training conferences since 2009.

Dr. Nyame is an active member of his community, volunteering with several organizations and serving on several Boards. Dr. Nyame has been published in Karen Ward’s book, “It’s All About School,” The Challenger and The Minority Reporter News Magazines and several Democrat & Chronicle articles. Currently, he is facilitating the African World History Class at the Baobab Cultural Center. His current Research focus is on How parents impacted by socio-cultural trauma socialize their children and the generational influence.

Dr. Nyame completed his Doctoral Degree in Counseling & Human Development at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education. He completed his Master’s Degree in Human Service Administration at St. John Fisher College He has completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Community and Human Services with a concentration in criminal (juvenile) justice at SUNY Empire State College. Dr. Nyame is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Program Evaluator.

Dr. Nyame grew up in Rochester, NY.